It wasn’t to bother you,
it was just to love you.
It wasn’t to annoy you,
it was to show you I care.

I feel lost.
I feel unloved.
I feel heavy.

How can I get love in return?
How can I find my life again?
I mean, how?

I thought you’d learn to love me
but there’s no such thing.
I thought you’d care of me
but that’s a fairy tale.
I thought you’d appreciate who I am
but that’s a dream.

If loving you is wrong,
why didn’t you tell me?
If giving you my heart doesn’t count,
why didn’t you tell me?

Anyways, I never planned
to love you so much.
I never planned to give you my heart,
it has just happened.

I’ve been hurt before,
I don’t think I’m ready
to be broken again.
My soul is not totally at peace but
I was trying to repair it by loving you.
That didn’t work for me.

Maybe I was meant to be
hurt and not loved.