I’m ready to see you,
so that I can kiss you
I’m ready to meet you,
so I can spend my life with you.
Nothing less, nothing more.

Your voice lifts my ribs.
Your smile increases my joy.
You’re unique among them all.
Your presence brings me the world.

Diamonds shine like you.
Heaven is less than your heart.
So that means you’re special to them all.
You’re a tragedy to all living organisms.

Your spirit
your breath
satisfies my internal and my external life.
You raise my soul from the dead.
You repair my heart from pieces.

You are so fruitful in love.
You seem like a tree every day,
because you produce attractive
apples and oranges at the same time.
And that symbolizes a special and magical tree.

When you’re not around,
the earth becomes empty on my side.
When you’re gone for a while,
light days turn dark on my side.
I’m sure you don’t know that you’re superior, special to me.

Before I forget …

When I look at you, I see my future.
When I’m around you,
I feel the heat of love.
I feel the fulfilment of care.
Indeed, you’re my destiny.
You’re my notification,
my life keeper,
my steps to climb on.
You’re my redeemer.

My life,
my soul
just belongs to you.
That means
I love you.