Don’t ever leave me
for a dude you’re not sure of.
Is this for a show off?
I doubt it.
your heart has found
another place to reside.
You’ve said your goodbye
without a single word.
Love was never meant
to be this harmful,
we’ve twisted the definition
of lust for love.

we hold on to pain
instead of love.
Most times,
we fall in love
with the hope of
making it out alive.
Some have died for love,
while some have died in the name of love.
Nobody is ever right,
not even your instincts
can keep you from
falling for a wrong type.

the sun always finds its way
to serve its purpose,
it’s not always right on time.
At times it turns out to be a bit cold,
but that is just nature.
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Everything forms part of one’s fate,
to hurt and get hurt.