I’ve sat in that cold old chair at the corner,
It’s uncomfortable I know. Believe me when I tell you:
I’ve often twitched and turned on it myself
Trying to find the spot.
It chains you up with resentment and
Handcuffs you with dashing hopes and solitude.
Leaving you wretched and woeful.

You are fed up and just want to give up,
Trust me I’ve been there.
Cutting your arms won’t make the pain subside.
Hanging yourself is the coward’s way out.
Ending your life is an insult to your creator.
Life is bigger than that
And you are worthy of living it to the fullest.

I’ve sat in that rocking chair,
The one that’s in the dark shade.
Hear me when I say it’s no fun.
It sends chills down your spine
And makes your brain freeze for a moment or two.
It makes friends and family
The enemy that has an attitude I know.
It wrecks up your soul and hypnotises
Everyone into thinking you have it all under control,
And that everything is cool, calm and collected,
When you are barely hanging at the end of a falling cliff.

I’ve sat in that swinging chair,
The one you’re sitting on top of right now.
It spins and swings around in endless circles,
Making you dizzy and nauseous
Then throws back to life when you feel like trash
And unworthy with no wealth.
I’m sorry. Hang in there. It gets better in time. I’ve been there.