I was sitting under an enormous tree
Gathering my thoughts
‘Cause I can’t get what went wrong
The forever-changing economy
Changed my brothers into hustlers
My mother fears they will escape her grasp
‘Cause if you don’t hold them close
The streets will get them

Wasn’t it yesterday when we were playing
The world is changing
Sometimes too quickly
What went wrong with my generation
I am feeling hasty
I am afraid that I will become
What my mother prayed to the Almighty
That I should not become

We always dreamt of being celebrities
We would imagine ourselves
Before we would receive trophies
But I fell into a different reality
Seeing that these celebrities
All tend to be ignorant

What went wrong with my world
When I was ten mama said
“Don’t forget where you come from”
So I became an activist
Protesting against this corruption
Pen and paper were my weapons
My words painted a colourful rainbow
Across the grey skies of my nation
Giving us a sign that
Tomorrow everything will be alright