With the depressed gasp breath,
I sigh, realising you have left,
You left a very sore heart,
Even though you said I was your only corolla thing you treasure,
You left me, knowingly left me lonely,
You left me with a pack of your favourite bracelets only,
You left me, never tried to understand what was happening,
Even though you said I was your everything,
But you got out of that unnecessary door and I had nothing,
I am still connecting the dots for why you were doubting,
But you fired shots and I believed I was imagining,
But I knew you were still thinking,
That you and I had something
You were my lapidary and I forgot anything,
You played a very important part,
That’s why you will forever be in my heart,
Hoping you and I will drive down the aisle in a cart,
Hope one day I might be able to escape this cage,
Because I can’t see through the blind rage,
I got a lot of emotions,
I just can’t get through the motions,
Take me again into consideration,
Once more I need your attention,
Maybe this is an indication,
That I shouldn’t be staying,
Maybe I wasn’t realising,
That’s why you never bothered by staying,
You were only pretending,
Here I am still loving,
In the dark knowing that you are forever gone.