I move with seconds, minutes and hours
No mortal can stop me
I wait for no one
I exist each and every single day
Without me you wouldn’t move
If I stop everything stops
I cannot be replaced
I will travel until Judgement Day occurs
I don’t know if I’ll still function the same after Judgement Day
The day of justice is coming
Since I’m Time just know that we’re getting closer to that day
Time waits for no man. Dats a saying of me.
I will be grateful if you use me wisely
Coz I can’t be replaced

There’s an internal time
Within you
It could be for 5 or 10 years
But your time is my name
Your time can end now
Would you be satisfied with that?
Live your life positively
Remove negative thoughts
Coz I am precious

God created me for you
I’m here to bring daylight and evening
I’m here to help you sleep and wake up

I am Time