It took place a while ago in a wild that flow
Set like the sun that goes night that darns as plant life grows
Ticking like an Afghanistan bomb killing like an African disease
The unexpected changed the vocal like chained locust while it tempted the conscious
It came at a time when we aren’t strong as it took us away like taxi’s in motion chasing after Armstrong
It played in your heart like redemption song as it taped your mind with hurtful thoughts
It caught us off guard when happy days were drawn upon
Like once upon my love as it took away my smile and hoped that we could get along
Its invisible enough to cause grief like call centers when the nature calls
That we humans cannot do anything to temper with reality
Stated enough you can’t change the fact
that you cannot counter what is unknown
but you can plan and prepare to find ways to get through it all like an escape plan
unexpected like a car accident in freeway
it is unexpected because it doesn’t give warnings
unexpected that even science cannot hypothesize it
it occurs naturally like cyclone cycle as it destructs seasonally mike Tyson fighting
that changed a chained man and made a great warrior experienced enough to change the world to a great universe