External deeds my inspiration to follow
Follow the steps to the lands of gold
Gold no eye’s seen no ear’s heard
Place after my heart dreams, place for immortal hearts
Such a strange place it is
Woe falls, weep falls, wickedness falls, and worry falls
Violence falls, unworthiness falls, fear falls, slavery fall
Peace flourishes and rules this place
Oooohh! such a strange place it is

Winds of sickness, pain, greed
Corruption, oppression, temptation
Falls with a withering heart
Steps of poverty, step into wealth
Steps of mortality, step into immortality
Oooohh! a place of unfailing love it is
Such a strange place it is
My heart withers, for heart that spits venom
My heart pounds in my step, for coward hearts
Like steps before mine, lava and icy roads are met

Gates are opened for the worn
For are soaked in a golden river of grace
Holy, holy, holy the sweet melodies sung day and night
Kings and Queens cast their crowns unto the throne of grace
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! my heart rings,
Such a place inspires hope for the deathbed
I lift my eyes unto the roof, into deep sleep they fall
Awake, being new in a strange place