I don’t know the person I am
I don’t see where this life takes me
I really don’t understand the man I am
Now because it doesn’t listen to anyone

Even when they beg me
Who am I now?

Does this life I live
Make my parents proud of me?
Or it is just like a poor weave
That it is still in the head even
When it is old?

I don’t know the person I am now
I was raised with respect and love
But now that doesn’t exist to me
Where does that love and respect go?
Did I leave it at the gate at home?

Would my parents be happy
When they see me?
Are they still gonna recognise the old me?

Who am I now?
Am I still gonna fulfill the promises
I made to my parents?
Or they will throw a towel on my face
When they see me?
Am I still gonna achieve the dreams I grew up dreaming?
Does the life I’m living suit me?
Will my friends still like me?

Did I make peace
With those I make wrong to them?
No I don’t think so
Maybe I won’t be the same as before
Who knows that I would be a SAB?
What do I call the life I’m living?
Is it peer pressure?

No I don’t think so
Because I’m no longer a teen
So what is it?
Do I feel better when I do illegal stuff?
Does it make me sleep at night?
Does it make me happy
To see other people’s tears?
Am I gonna achieve my goals
With other people’s blood?
Well don’t think so
I don’t even know who am I anymore.