Love is a two way mechanism
That deals with the communication of emotions in a system
It is a pivot, a joint that binds two into one
It is a feeling pregnant with a bundle of needs and wants
Love is peaceful! Love is kind! Love is patient!

Love is a sweet smelling rose
That rose from the dust to conquer a world of traitors and liars
It is a special feeling that feels ones heart with burning desire
A hidden secret residing in the chambers of one’s heart
It is a chemistry bond that ties hearts s they can never part

Love is like a hopeless seed planted in the roots of one’s heart
It breaks boundaries of the walls of your heart like roots ready to bloom
It blooms like a wild evergreen shrub that survives the gravity of time and the crime of your heart
It grows and matures with time spent and laughter shared
Love is strong it can withstand all forces of filth and dirt; it is forever willing to progress

Love is a mystery yet to be found
It is a golden treasure lost but worthy to be searched
Love is blind it needs constant planning and proper guidance
Love is a glimpse of eternity that can endure the strength of time and distance
No matter how far, it doesn`t matter the time; love will always find its way

Love is a bitter-sweet thorn that pierces your emotions
Stirring in motion an outburst of happy-jolly thoughts and wishes
Hopefully tomorrow, if tomorrow ever comes love will find you
Don`t search for it in galleries and exhibitions; let it be the greatest gift from above
Don`t let you wander hopelessly in search of love, let love find your heart…