I am the creator of innovative ideas
The chef that cooks the food of thought that fed your mind throughout the years,
The river that runs the water that quenches your thirst and washes away your fears
The fire that ignites your spirit and sets your thoughts ablaze
The inventor of literary advanced methods that strives to leave you amazed

I am the writer; my pen dances with mournful grief on the stage-
That is this blank page
I am the mother of these yet to be born phrases,
Meaningless poetic lines and stanzas that never cease to amazes
This pen in my hand is the spear that fights of my temptations
This page diluted with black ink is but the testimony bearer of my thoughts and felts

I am the story-teller: the narrator of ancient tales
The keeper and collector of historic legends of my people
I give birth to poets, writers and feed them knowledge, the power to success
I am the author of the forgotten anecdotes of our forbearers, the oral storytellers
My bloodstream flows fiction and creativity
My veins are a well over flowing with poetry

I am the portrayer of beautifully painted images
My canvas and paint gives birth to stock-still speaking characters
Unmoving creatures with a story to tell to humankind
Beautiful images that cannot be seen by the blind
I am the architect of these sketches that are boldly engraved on your walls
The graffiti artist that dirties the walls of the ghetto
And spurs and stirs the rebel within you into action

I am the artist of ages…
My memorials you will find in these pages…