Thumbs up
or is it

familiar faces there are
from the little village
driving past they are
queuing they are
for a better

I ponder the ritual
of thumb-marking
and name-calling
(which way the Mandela-card)

Thumbs up
or is it

you can’t complain
says our New-Era emperor
you have no say you have
no voice if you didn’t
cast your vote

is this the new moral-high
if you are not with us then
you are against
like that warmonger-past
used to trumpet

Thumbs up
or is it

perchance one day
it will be a law written
(maybe tax deductible
along with food vouchers
and a party T-shirt)

and not one’s right
not to vote
like voting is what
makes for a democracy
every 4 or 5 years

like you can eat it comrade