He said “baked beans”
An adult learner could
Though before he did not
Because he could not

This is the gathered faithful
(adult learners we all)
Get to hear from an
Enthusiast animated
By the organisation’s work

Shares final graduation
The end of an era (26
Years on) the end of a
Road trudged and travelled
By the many

A closing a final graduation
Though not because of themselves
And their mission. He said baked
beans. He and countless others
Empowered and equipped their
Lives enhanced

(there are many women here
Often in spite of and not
Because of the menfolks
In their lives and in society)

He said baked beans
An adult learner now can

The Somerset West-based Share Adult Learning and Development Centre has a bittersweet closing Graduation at Gordon High School, the evening of Monday 5 December 2016.