I came across mountains whereby no man would climb
Nor woman would slide down through them
Anything was impossible but belief was my main source
Consequences were damn heartless to pay but I stood firmly
It was all because of adoration on her behalf
A journey I took was dangerous enough
But bravery made me got this far

I became an expect of turning unturned stones
At times it was hard but nevertheless
I walked along because I had to
I believed in us even when you had given up on us
You became fed up along the way
But I was there to prove my true love
I’ve made more mistakes than you did
But unintentionally of which I’m sorry
I’ve realised the best out of your love
That no man had ever discovered before

Every moment I wondered
Was I the man you were ever meant to have?
On a daily basis I tried so hard to make you happy
Sacrificed whatever belonged to me to portray true love
My words were never the picture but a skeleton of love
I might not have been perfect like everyone else
But I tried my best to come right
Loyally and lovingly my heart sticks with you
Through life until death

You’re the best woman I’ve ever met
And shared life with in my long life
Every time spent with you felt like forever
There were times I wanted to let you go
But knew that it was going to be a mistake
Each step you took away from me tore at my heart timeously
In my dreams marrying you is the first of them all
My future without you will be doomed
Because you’re the shape in my heart.

Your love raised me up to where I am today
Now I am strong and I’m your way around
Because you’ve raised me higher again
I’m proud and blessed to have ever had a woman of your nature
You’re a woman that every man would die to have
Never be pregnant out of anger
Because that might damage your life forever
If you believe therefore work hard
Hopefully life will come alive again.

I might not be rich but mentally I’m advanced
I might not be perfect but at all times
But I’m me especially when it comes to love
I might have done you wrong several times
But I’ve learnt from my mistakes
I might be into you badly but don’t underestimate me
I might have not being there for you before but
I will be with you till death onwards if also you want so