Joyously had we all lived
For we had in abundance
The fruit of our labour
Delighted in our harmony

A happy family we had been

Then we wandered in vain
A wild goose chase for a herb
Hoping it could sustain her
The remains of our wasted mother
Till our coffers emptied

It truly was a bitter one
For we homogeneously gathered
Hymnic Moans echoing all around
Ours being wet and flooded eyes
As they escorted her, six feet under

She had resigned from living

But why could have she done it?
When we weren’t even tired
Tired of feeding her
Tired of changing her diapers
Wasn’t our love and care enough?

And why did you allow her, God?
Didn’t we bend our knees long enough?
Aren’t you the same miracle worker?
But how can one sue you?
And how can one argue with you?
Aren’t you the omnipotent?
May her soul rest in peace