You are next of thrive,
Do you remember the days we woke up at five?
Thinking this life may end.

We both matriculated but no way to varsity,
Do you remember those days, afternoon at five,
We’d confabulate, no ending tribulations,
We both stayed at home searching for relationships,
Which were no worth ‘cause we wanted only to distress,
We grew up in an envious community that poisons ourselves,
We keep those issues in mind shelves.

We searched for jobs, but not being hired.
I reminisce about when you got tired,
And wanted to sacrifice your life in Johannesburg for living,
We lived many years without breathing;
Everybody can think it’s irrational,
‘Cause they weren’t in our shoes.
We endured all struggles.

You got to find who you are,
Your real self-created me.

We were both brothers,
Though you smoke weed.
Others count years spent on varsity for their kids,
Everybody poverty is what to get rid
Of, with no cent,
We felt no man,
While every man is enjoying ciders.

Empty promises by those who are on thrive,
Were made.
We live in mind,
While all five fingers aren’t the same length.

We live for breathing,
Heart is measured in depth…

To my fellow friend: Anonymous