You start it, that’s serpent hisses,
It dresses in beauty,
But inside its in demolition,
I repeat that’s how it dresses.

I am fresh soul,
I am sin concealed,
I am pure like uncontaminated water,
I am like animal,
I am shield of leather.

Drink my blood through vein
But don’t throw me on the bed,
I might grow red.
Do me favour,
Kiss me like you take water
With hands in river.

I said so,
Pull my breadth like balloon,
And tell my soul, you are closer.
Stop, I said all must be like river,
Let’s flow where gradient resides.

Hold me gently like a butterfly,
Throw kisses softly like bubbles,
Let them crush into my face like danger,
Stab my heart ferociously with love dagger.
Let our days have bubbles,
Let’s go where they go,
Maybe we will find love flow.