Each sunrise, she peeps drowsily round her walls,
Indebted to realize that she lives, she rises and praises her Maker.
She turns to her window, meets dimness, the sun slumbers still.
Her ethos drives her to oppose Nature:
She leaves her nest in dimness and returns in dimness.

Her heart leaps as her mind responds to the other life in the room,
Like the Sun, her infants lay-in still,
Their dark bodies curled up like cucumbers. She smiles,
She elongates her neck, reaches their faces and breathes in their scent,
She marks herself with their breath; it gives her life purpose.
She bites each child with a kiss, enough love until she returns at dusk.

She starts her day with a journey to the edge of the Earth,
She does the work of a Man,
Her curse is to Toil, Hunt & Lead,
Her yoke is heavy- it breaks her back- but her will preserves her.

By noon, her chocolate-charred face drips with sweat,
Relieved, she conquers the moment to weep,
She disguises her tears for sweat,
She bows her head and asks her Maker for a companion.

It’s dusk and her young await her eagerly to return home,
To prepare for them her harvest before they retire,
She tugs them in with the cotton she grows out in the field,
Then bites each child with a kiss, giving each enough love until dawn.