On the day you left home, we knew you were coming back with precious things that would make us happy but that turned out to be death

What have they done to them?
They were supposed to come home for Christmas
What are the families going to eat now?
How are they going to survive because the heroes have fallen?
They are the only ones who provided for their families and all of the sudden the bread is gone, just like that
What are the women going to do now, how will they take care of their families?
I want to know who commanded them to be killed
They were real fathers who took care of their families and now they are gone
They are gone because they were fighters
They dedicated their lives as miners
They fought for their rights and were prepared to die for
They paved the ways so that the upcoming miners would not experience the same
Their families must be consoled, this had to happen
Without them, none of this would have happened
Without them, none of the problem faced by the miners would be taken into consideration
Somebody has to Answer, but most importantly reach a resolution
Salute to the fallen heroes