It keeps growing,
Like a seed that is watered each day,
Like an infant turning into a kid yearly,
It grows like never before.

The pain that I have in me is deeper,
It turned into the worst anger,
Just waiting to explode one day,
Not realising that I’m hurting people next to me.

I got so used to crying that my tears don’t come out any more,
But only words that turn to hurt someone else.
Instead of reaching out to people,
I kept quiet and fed my pain till I couldn’t take it any longer.

The more I kept quiet, the more I realised that it kept growing,
I pumped it like a balloon until the air became a lot and just punched.
Is this what I have become?
Is this who I chose to become out of everything else?

Anger has become my worst enemy,
An enemy that I invited with open arms;
Yet difficult for me to chase it away,
If life gives me a turnaround, would I change?