I had a broken leg but that couldn’t stop me from walking
I had poor eyesight but I had a greater vision
I was disabled but never demotivated
For I had the hunger to succeed
For life is a journey containing unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances
Where one is a catalogue of mistakes and misfortune
I was disappointed but I remained hopeful

From a poverty-stricken family
I couldn’t choose what I wanted ‘cause we were told
Beggars aren’t choosers
As I had to even wonder where my next meal would come from
Fortunately enough I was born with a special and unique talent
Which enabled me to make a greater difference in human society
Through dedication, focus and determination,
I never had to let my emotions define me
For they turned into the foundation of my success

Through hardships heartbreak and most unfortunate moments
Where I was victimised by biased people
I was never demotivated or discouraged
As I took them as fuel towards my success
I couldn’t allow setbacks to get the better of me
For I knew that success is my destination