You might judge me but that is where I come from
If I had a choice I would have come from a better place
Do not make as if you understand me and my background
Being born by parents who are illiterate does not mean that I will never be somebody in life
They say we do not choose our backgrounds but have a choice of our future
Fortunately and unfortunately that is my home
Sharing a four-roomed house with a family of ten is not nice at all
Somebody else would feel suffocated but that brought us closer as a family
You can say whatever you want to say about it but it has made me
Where I come from
Today I am streetwise because of my Kasi
It is the second biggest township in South Africa
It is dominated by working class; obviously, poverty is the main issue
Not that I do blame my brothers, it’s not nice to grow up in poverty
Being scared of being robbed when walking to the streets I am used to that
But they turn to choose an easy way in life
Regardless of the social issues that are affecting everyone
That is where I come from