Heartache catches you off guard
and cause you to jump to any solution
to lessen the ache and agony of helplessness.
You wish to escape the evil world
that took you and put you up,
made you feel over the moon
or like you’re on cloud nine
or in seventh heaven. Only to drop
you straight to the bottom of the pits of hell,
where there’s nothing to break your fall.
All that’s left is the glitter of the shards
of the broken pieces that was once your heart
that you never even heard
beginning to shatter,
until they ended next to your feet
splattered all over the place
with no way to be repaired
nor to see which pieces belong to which.

You’ve always dreamt
of being the best in your life,
wanted to have it all without
obstacles or challenges in your way
to achieve such goals.
Life has been a gold train
all glam and happiness
with no care for tomorrow
but of course life is not all sunshine and roses,
moonlight and rainbows
there are unpleasant things you’ll be dealt
as well as pleasant ones. As the old saying goes,
“Where there’s good there’s bad too”.
Things changed and became juices of aloe.
It felt like you had swallowed broken glass,
It left you feeling like an overthrown fish.
All that was left was the feeling
of defeat and the realization that
your ignorance was your downfall.
All you did was to gamble
with your heart and life.
Now they lay in the dirt in shambles
leaving you with no energy
to pick up the broken pieces
and no one to help or a place to put them.

You’ve lived with the consequences of knowing
that you didn’t make changes in your life.
Regrets that, had you listened and learned
from people’s life stories and mistakes,
maybe just maybe yours would have
turned out for the better.
Had you made those drastic changes,
the lesson learned would have been lesson told.
You would have saved yourself the tears,
the heartache, the regrets, the hate and the sickness
of knowing you did nothing to help save
and change your destiny and fate.
That way, you don’t say, “I didn’t know
that at this point I’d be looking at my
broken pieces.