Your smile gives me reasons to live
Your tears make me regret dumb acts
In life we’re both young may our goals be our guiding lane
May love stay within us through good and bad days of our lives
Being part of your life brings nothing but joy to me.

To my heart no one who can claim your post in my heart even in they try
You’ve cultivated opulent thoughts and moments about us
Our hearts are mended whilst our souls are blended
Within the world you may be small and mean nothing but to me you’re the best
In my life I believe that you are the pillar.

You have offered me a shoulder to cry on
You’ve shared secrets to spear an ear to be the attentive listener of mine
Ploughed words that make sense in my mind which connected my heart
Sharing the best of your life with off which I appreciate
In my life you will always be the loved one of mine.

Holding you makes me want to be with you forever
Kissing you feels right in every corner of my heart
Looking at you reminds me of your beauty inside and outside
Seeing you makes life worthwhile
Losing you the least in my thoughts

You the piece of my heart that was robbed off me
With no hesitation, together we carrying a bright future
The unexpected will fall upon us but I swear to never let you go
Carrying your hands and looking in your eyes with love is my way to go
You that one woman a true man can have and love forever.

Looking back I feel bad enough but life goes on
Daily I pray ooNozulu to never re-instate me with my mistakes of the past
I feel humiliated to face my past due to pains I and others have been put through
Sometimes I wake up at night crying because I once disappointed you
I see no reason of letting you go but to officially make you mine when the time comes

Magcwesa you describe the best lover to me
Mandimande you’re such the soul provider to me
Maphumulo may you be given many more days in life sharing with uNozulu
Tshaka knowing you is the greatest thing that ever happened to me
Zulu the love I think I know is what you suddenly give to me.