You are taking me to the emotions I never felt.
Dragging me out of the wondering and lonely world.
Drop me on the stage to show case my arts passion.
Energising me to express my ambition.
I caught myself using body language.
Oh, yeah! My Nelly.

You make me dance Hindu dance.
Force me to jive pantsula style because I need you.
Pushed me to dance shibhelane just to win you.
Taking me back to theatre life to choreograph my move.
Activating my father’s cultural dance called Ingadla.
Oh, yeah! My Nelly.

You are the reason for my craziness.
The reason for my centre of attention.
You make me sweat and shrink.
The only breath wouldn’t say No!
Oh, yeah! My Nelly.
You do me so naughty, fun and appealingly.

This night pose is for you.
I will be your model for each night.
The trophy of caring is for you,
Because you are my wanted point of happiness.
This poem is written to be remarkable for your love.
Oh, yeah! My Nelly.