Corona ha! What a cruel creature are you?
You have chased my sweet sixteen girlfriend.
You have brought social distancing between my babe and me.
What a devil are you, coronavirus?
Before you intervened in our relationship it was heaven on earth ha!
You have brought hell on earth.
We used to move freely but you! You! Have stolen our freedom.
You have taken us into slavery
of moving with sanitisers, nose and mouth masks,
no hand shaking, washing hands all the time
above all rock down gosh!
Deadly corona you are inhuman ha!
Everybody in our big city is afraid of you ha!
What a daylight devil are you?
You kill anyone, you attack regardless
of colour, race, religion or status.
Gosh! Zambia is crying, South Africa is crying,
America is crying and all the superpower countries.
Oh! God help ours to stay safe and stay home.