(From an independent thinking student in love with a person less privileged than her)
And now I pray
But I’m not sure what for
The one minute I want marriage
the next I don’t

For that to work I need to play
my part, but he is tired
Of the voice in his ear
The calls I make, I mean I’m only trying

I know that I first want to study
so that I may live the life I desire
With that said – I want to introduce him to a life

he never had or even dreamt of

To give him a taste of the good life.
I try not to think about him,
but that’s a mission impossible,
because the dreams I have include him

Everywhere, anywhere, every moment he is with me
In my thoughts
They call it obsession – so does he
But it’s what I want

So now that I pray
it feels like I’m forcing myself onto him
I pray very strongly,
But what is it that I pray for?