From you I’ve learnt a lot
You might not be like other fathers
Befriending money susceptible to
Bargaining the entire universe
But your kind and helping hand
Is more than gold.

I was so young and naive
I only focused on your weakness
That your greatness, I swear I couldn’t acknowledge
Perhaps for that I needed more knowledge
I know it might now be late
But like you said it’s never too late
So let me drop the ink of this pen
And try write down words that
For ages have failed to express
The special place in my life you possess
Baba, you are a gift from above.

Father, you work tooth and nail
During the day at dawn and dusk
Sleepless nights you have as well
Cogitating how you will feed, dress, and educate your kids.
For decades the world threw stones of poverty at you
Standing your ground and keeping on
With the movement was all you did

No matter how difficult life becomes
Quitting has never defined you
You keep on fighting
Baba, you are beyond my understanding

Being nurtured by you
My eyes gained gazing licence
I glanced at how you proffered the cup of support
To those struck by neediness.
Like our nation “Malawi”
Your warm heart begot a warm environment
For those suffering with coldness.
Your words and good deeds have for a long time
Managed to provide a turning point in lots of lives.
Baba, you are a true hero.

Like children dancing under the luminosity of the moon
Your inspirations and teachings still dance in my mind
To the rhythm of your voice;
In order to survive you told me to be as bold as a lion
To never give up but to keep on trying
Oops, not just trying but doing

In these veins of mine you pumped in blood of a true fighter
To always stand for the truth and never compromise.
In these ears of mine you voiced
The sound that would always keep my hope alive
‘Cause without it I’m as good as dead meat
And to build my faith on Christ
Whose foundation is stronger and never falls to the ground.
Don’t think by then I wasn’t listening,
Like the droplets of rain making their way into the ground
Your advice bit by bit crawled and made its way into my life
Baba, you begot and raised a legend