I still find each day too short
For all the positive thoughts I want to think
All the steps I want to take
All the friends I want to inspire

I arise in the morning
Torn between a desire to improve
And inspire the youth of the country
To strive for success

I have experienced starvation but
That didn’t change me
To become a drug addict or a thug
It only taught me a lesson that
I must work hard in all I do
It thought me to read my books
So that I can embrace tomorrow
I am just like everyone else
But I don’t envy people
That is what makes me so unique and skillful

To all the youth out there
It is up to us to live a happy life
All we have to do is to support one another and be a family
We must put God first and all the dreams we want to achieve are possible
Only if we believe in our inner selves
I’m a leader
As a leader I say to you, change how you think
Be willing and have a willing heart
Make the change now