I remember being locked up in the house for 2 hours by my granny as punishment for playing on the road until 6 p.m.
I remember ngitotela, truck yezinkwa with my brother and when the driver saw us he would go from 60 to 80 rushing to the speedbump so that we wouldn’t do it again.
I remember peeing on myself at Games because I was too scared to ask for the toilet at 6 years old.
I remember going on stage for the first time and signing a song by R.Kelly “I am your angel” in front of the whole school, and getting an award for it.
I remember shouting out the wrong maths answer after being appointed as a prefect.
I remember crying after meeting my favourite artist in Durban, it was so exciting and it still feels like yesterday.
I remember standing for minutes in front of the ocean watching people swim
I remember jumping up and down thinking that the ocean would split open like it did in the Bible.