You never cease to amaze me, you keep on blessing me.
You bless me with wisdom, you bless me with freedom.
You bless me with vision, you bless me with mission.
You give me purpose, you make me want to propose.
From you I gain solace, from you I gain courage.

We’ve been at it for more than three years now!
You enhance my blurry days,
You lighten my dark nights.

I commit myself to you.
Together, Forever!
Nothing can pull us down,
It’s like we’re flying outside the bounds of gravity.

No words can describe how grateful I am,
No words can describe my love for you.

Even though data may try to separate us, it shall not succeed!
For I will keep on hustling for that five rands just to spend a day with you.

FunDza! Yes…My blesser is FunDza.
You are heaven sent.
My blesser.