Thoughts of past events were trying
So hard to push their way into my mind
to remind me of memories I tried so
hard to not remember. The familiar
things around me were overwhelming,
my heartbeat was fast, my head spinning
and I couldn’t breathe properly.

I wanted so much to scream but my voice
Failed me. I could feel my legs getting
Weaker until no strength was left in me
And my body fell down on the floor. When
I opened my eyes I was in a hospital bed
And a man was sitting on a chair next to my

He smiled at me and introduced himself as
Ryan he said I fainted at the park and he
Took me to the hospital. Just then the
Doctor came in all smiles and happy

Doctor: How’s my patient doing”
Ryan: She’s woken up doctor and I think she’s
Doctor: How are you dear
Me: I’m fine thanks doctor, what happened
to me
Doctor: You had a panic attack, I’ve prescribed
Pills for you and here
are your discharge papers you should be fine
now ”
“Thanks doctor” I said, he smiled and
left me. I thanked Ryan for helping me
and he also went out on his way. I did all I had to
do and I was discharged and left too.

I went to my apartment. It gets really lonely
here most of the time so I called Brittney to
come over but she couldn’t because Kev was taking
her out. I tried Nicole but her phone was on
voicemail. I didn’t have many friends so that
meant I’d be alone tonight as always, I couldn’t
sleep so I decided to take a walk.