What I hate about friends is that they’re not always there when you need them.
What I hate about myself is that I cherish friends a lot.
What I love about them is that they have a way of revealing their true colours.
What I love about them is that they’ve strengthened me and they show me a way.
What I hate about life is that whether you are doing wrong or right, at the end we all die.
What I hate about this world is there is no justice to humanity.
What I love about my family is that they’ll never disown me at any cost.
What I love about gatsby’s is when it has that yummy cheese on it.
What I hate ab out Facebook is when I get less than 100 likes
What I hate about children is when they cry while I’m babysitting them.
What I love about Zeeworld is their culture and how they do things.
What I love about school is when I have done my work, so I can avoid being yelled at.