Our presence is only felt when we are needed
Life has ups and downs everyone agrees with that
They always preach about the power of love daily
But when one’s life bends they fade away

Poverty has turned into a big pandemic
It natured our parents and it seems like
It will do the same with us
Education was meant to be the key to success
But that very same key opens the doors to struggle

Brothers and sisters are educated
They have degrees but they are still unemployed
Individuals from the townships are not financially liberated
They can not afford needs even their small wants

It hard to smile while your stomach is empty
The struggle is real it has grown to the point where
We see it as a common thing in different communities

Day in day out we are having conversations about change
But the only thing which changes is the increase of unemployment
Academics are offered but the service is poor
Sports are offered but resources are rare like money
Our poor society!!