Think, everything begins in the heart of God
Furthermore, imagine walking within His being
Yes, living there amongst the ancient paths
Our beginning is as first a spirit
And the location in the heart of the Father
Who art in heaven

It is indeed a calling to live
To exist, to have being, it is a story unfolding
Right before our eyes, whether we see one or not
All our days are written in a book, I say once more
Written for record, written for hope, with a beginning and an end
Life is short
Know your story
Know your purpose
You are indeed a blessing to this side of heaven
Just as you are gift to the other side also
In paradise, I mean

Where to from here, you may ask
Well the journey gains ground, life takes on meaning
Doesn’t it
That you have a life story, with an origin and a destination
You choose your destination
You call on the Son
He will point you towards heaven
Where everything is alright
Be blessed living epistle of God
Be blessed, blessed are you