Your house is now a circus
White collars feed jokes to your children
As they quarry on all your offerings
Children now praise the white collar
I see Christians and not Jesus in them

Your citizens now starve to death
Wearing poverty from their mother’s womb
As they migrate into a silent land like experts
Heaven’s drying out of tears
Soil sucking juices on plants
And birds singing sombre tones in their nests

Your children, now infatuated with foreign culture
Are whispering new melodies, speaking
A tongue that chases birds from their nests
It’s a shame to mother nature, how their
True colours have changed like a chameleon

Your mountain is now flooded with tears
Smoke has assumed authority on its body
And angry fire undressed its fancy clothes
As clouds weep and shower soft tears of
Mist, the culprit is smothered for good

Your school is no longer a tree of wisdom
Children have plucked the forbidden fruits as
Eve did in the Garden of Eden
Students have now aborted education like pregnancy
Leaving teachers schooling the desk with songs of sadness

Your regime is no longer honest;
Corruption is its daily meal, it feeds mud to the poor
Their happiness has fallen like autumn leaves
As tears kiss the corners of their eyes
The big shorts now pan gold from the meagre

As the poor faiths for milk and honey
Big shots drive the planet into immortal burning
The sun causing death to the poor, tears
No longer tears, pain no longer pain but invites to
A party of everlasting life escorted by sombre tones