I do not condone the Homo sapien’s segregation.
I strive for unity and pure integration.
We have fallen victim to gender based division,
Where males rule and receive endless recognition.
Masculinity has been deemed capable due to societal perception,
While women fight for reputational redemption.
They wear badges of honour, badges that scream feminism
Because they have grown tired of the commensalism
Woman belonging in the “kitchen” has been classified derogative.
So let the men know and let them show initiative.
We will slowly undo the indoctrination
By means of mass communication.
Somehow, we will break down the wall of bigotry
Then the genders will only be divided by lines of symmetry.
Identical… pure… unaltered reflection
Where superiority is only a false deception.
We shall stand in unity
When both sexes are declared content with the equality.
Women will run the office while men help in the household,
Now that is a fascinating story yet to be told.