Look at us slowly turning into zombies,
scavenging like wolves infected with rabies.
We’re blood-hungry and murder for pleasure.
The Earth revolves and we’ve inevitably
Evolved into monstrous monsters.
See the terror in the eyes of our babies,
feel the fright on the faces of our ladies.
When will we wake up
To see the horror we’ve caused,
and realise it’s an error?

Look at us bravely fighting a losing battle,
With our ruthlessness and fists itching
As though we have scabies.
We disobey our parents and shut them up with
silence, with the crimes we commit.
We vandalise with violence and
show brutality and insanity as a sign of remorse,
Punching and pushing away everyone we ought to protect.
Look at us, we are unstoppable.

These are indeed the tough times of the last days,
and we’ve successfully made our era a living hell.
Look at us foolishly thinking we are titanium
When in reality we are nothing more than dust.
We are clumsy and more disastrous
than sparks of a Volcano in a petrol station.

Look at us repeating the acts our forefathers repented of,
filling our empty pride with the sins we commit.
God forbid and help us refrain from this cruelty;
restore the unity amongst us and have mercy upon
our merciless souls.

Look at us: we are a disgrace, disowned by our
creator we’ve forgotten how to praise,
hence we no longer sing amazing grace.

Look at us: we are in a race to torture and traumatise.
We are dancing at the devil’s palm
and he is stunned by our stunts of evil.
Look at us renovating our wonderful world worse than hell.
These are indeed the tough times of the last days.