When you gaze long into an abyss
The abyss gazes into you
We’ve been trapped all along staring in seconds’ memories
Staring into the darkness too long, even now we’re still staring
It’s a pathogen that will never be wiped out
We created the disease, the slow death we wished ourselves
The present is a mirage
I read words of pain scribbled in these hidden faces
Churches are run as corporations, the paster is a chief executive officer
They pretend to be deputy Jesus
Verses are pulled on like pants
While preaching the message of the cross faced upside down
There’s a slit sneer on your lips holy men
They speak in bar codes
Too many words, which ones poison our ears?
The poison is so thick you can call it an accent
Churches where people hide their souls in rubbish bins
Reading demonic bibles while drinking holy water
There could be a God in my sometime church
Body that is thirsty for faith
I no longer go to church God doesn’t live there any more
They say the body is the temple, right now
I’m walking in a church