They said, you are able and capable
You were
You still are
You possess the unshakable power within you
In your eyes, I see a vision that can change Africa
& build our economy
In your month, I hear a powerful voice
That can speak and make a difference to the whole world
In your mind, I see your imaginations of a bright future
Where people live in peace and harmony
I see Africa

I vision the mission accomplished in your imagination
Who could have imagined
What was once hoped for becomes a reality?
I vision what visionaries never envisage in Africa
I listened and I heard
The potential politicians never understand
The system never understands
The system sees pride
The system is corrupt
System will discourage you
The system sees pride
Truth will guide you
Lies will challenge you
Passion will drive you
Silence will kill you
Truth sets you free and gives life after death
I see greatness

The sleeping dream will be awakened
The world will once see Africa
Africa will change
The ancestral cry is heard
Enough is enough
Jobs will rain
Africa trade with Africa
A young mind will save Africa
The world will see and bow
Africa, Africa, Africa
God bless Africa!!!
Let blessings rain