Is it my obsession or the fact
That I gubbit too much?
Is it that infinity love that I have
That makes me feel like this?
Do I take things too seriously
Well I don’t know
But it needs to be figured.

It needs to be figured out –
Am I the one who is obsessed?
The one that carries too much
Wrteries and ventricles filled
with love. The one who takes
Things too seriously and loves
Too much but eventually ends up
Irritating! Is it because I have
Too much expectations? Well it
Will be decreased as if it was never

That tolerance will no longer be there
And love will turn to hatred.
That gesture will turn to quietness
And I will no longer irritate anyone.
The future will be decreated as if it
Was never created. And everyone
Will carry on with their lives
And live happy lives.

Humiliation will be something that
Doesn’t trust. The humour I always
Have will be no longer there.
I will walk away like nobody’s
Business and pick myself up at
Least I tried tried to be loyal
As best I could.

But by that time none of that
Will matter because it was
Never taken to consideration.
Two ways will be distinguished
And truth will be lived.

Everyone gets tired and decisions
Are made under circumstances of
Giving up. Nothing stays forever
But do we have to? You will reach
That stage of wanting to let go
Because you’ll feel like you’ve
Tried enough.

No one will understand but no one
Will stop you. That day will come
And no one will believe it and
They’ll realise but you will be
Gone and never return.