Here I am in a cage,
They kept me steady.
How did I get inside it?
Who got me inside it?
My life distancing itself from me.
What can I do against such cruelty?
What have I done to experience such tragedy?

It has been so long in the wild alone.
Seasons came, winters felt like summers.
Life was not cruel,
Witnessed nature’s beauty.
Tears, I dropped those of pleasure and joy.

Take me back.
I am not at ease, I am not at home.
I am a Savannah born, not Eldorado born.
I miss the smell of the dawn at home.
I miss the beauty of the sunset in the Karoo.
You see me dancing, but I am crying for help

I am crying for freedom.
I want to venture home,
Not in a limited space.
Give me back my life-freedom.