Thighs spread across sheets,
lovers dirtying themselves
in a hot mud of sweat and
Lust until, finally, steadying
Themselves in the aftermath.

They rest under the electric
Weight of a climax, bodies lay
Defeated, hearts thumping, minds
Barely searching for any thoughts
Outside of this nakedness.

But they cannot rest.

They speak warmth into the room,
bring stirring words to each other
And when she finally rests her face
in the palm of his hand,
a smile invades his face.

If this moment were a picture,
he’d absorb it, and splash it
Across the corridors of his mind
So he’d never stop seeing it.
Warm feeling:

I take this love I have and
Clench my fist around it. I
Take this warm feeling and
Thank God I found it.

We take walks, you and I,
Away from the dark, until
Nothing but light greets us.

And when anger seeps in
We argue like fists in a fight,
Fall into madness and spite,
Rise into happy flight and
Nestle our broken wings in
Deep delight

And when we wake up the next
morning, hope surrounds us.