Do it again
Crooned a group
From the 1970s

Ikamva youth did it again
Just up your street
Achieved an 82% pass
Surpassing the national averages
(in an age of outcomes-mania)

(they show that the odds
Can be overcome despite
And in spite of
And not because)

Ikamvanites do it again
Maintained a pass rate
Of between 82 and 100%
Each year since 2005

Township learners
Not yet students
In their own right
Not yet released
From the borders
Of the ghetto mentality

They did it again
Not just their results
But personal growth
Self-discovery and the way
Their lives are perceived

Ikamva youth did it again
Now to study further
Equipping themselves
For the much-desired
Brighter tomorrow

Despite and even
In spite of ourselves