Technology you are my future my pride
And the pen and paper of my time.
You are my hero my warrior as you simplify
And minimise the effort of my bare hands
I never expected you to arrive so quickly
But because here you are I will cherish the fact that
You are here and here to stay as you are growing
Enormously in leaps and bounds.
You are here to enhance our standard of living
I salute you
You are here to minimise the levels of human effort
I appreciate that
Because you are my pillar of strength

Technology you also leave me in tears
Because there are some unnoticeable
Barriers of division you came up with
Because you expand the gap between
The rich and the poorer
For you are not easily affordable
And accessible to every household

Even your maintenance is far heavier than
The maize meal that I sometimes fail to afford
I so wish you could have waited a little while
A notification to alert us that you were coming
We definitely would have braced ourselves
But technology you remain my pride