Look I am not gonna bend the entire world.
As long as my lady remembers me fondly that’s all I need.
Because one day she’s going to be my legacy.
She’s got to be special though.

I need someone who’s going to hold my hand and never let it go.
Someone who’s always going to love me.
No matter what obstacles we face.

I want her to love me so deeply that
I am not afraid to show her how ugly I can be.
I want a woman to show myself to her.
I want her to show me scars I never knew I had.
I don’t want her to make them go away.

I want her to hold my hand while I nurse them myself.
I need her to cherish the bruises they leave behind.
Someone who’s not afraid to take a leap of faith with me.

That special someone who’s willing to defend me when I am not around.
Someone that calls me an angel sent from above.
Because my love for her can never be traded for a mere second’s temptation.
Her love is rooted deep inside my bones.
Her name can be carved inside my breath