The love that brings joy and
happiness into every child
The love that shines and prohibits
a child from falling blind
The love that deeply implants an
artery for a heart to remain
The sweet love of a mother

With this love a child will not
fall in a pack of wolfs
For it is the love that leads a
child into the right path
From a bite of a snake the same
love heals the wound
The love which is a vaccine to
any disease of a child
Feels weak
The sweet love of a mother

From this love you will never lose taste
Even if from a challenge you lose a race
Forever dwell in this love you’ll
remain the best with a better
The love that forces braveness to
emerge in every challenge
You face
The sweetness love of a mother

This love deserves to be embraced
The true love that cannot be replaced
There is no other love beyond this one
While she still exists, never take
her love for granted
For if she forever sleeps, from now
being shall the love be
Even a father cannot provide hard
The sweet love of a mother