Education, educator
It gradually, eventually
Unintentionally, grew in me.
It became part of my personality, surprisingly,
Like a victim of cancer.
How did I end here?
Will I end here?
Questions of regrets flooding through my veins of brain
Pictures, flashbacks, etched on my heart of how badly we treated our teachers back then.
Will it happen to me?
A teacher is like a rose bloomed at its end.
Its name never was flung nor slung at mud.
Either caught pungent musky odour from glands of a polecat.
Even when washed still stinks!
Its brightness faded when virtue became abnormal.
Moral bankruptcy is that normal?
It feels like am in the wrong carriage of a moving train.
Where am I heading to?
‘To noble profession’
An optimistic inner voice showed up
Bringing some inner courage to a lost soul
‘Yes, maybe I’m too quick to judge’
‘Perhaps I didn’t see it at much bigger length’
A thought came: if am too big to follow rivers
How am I going to find the see!
I am fortunate, some would say unfortunate
But a matter of all
Education is the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.
Try it; I tried it too!