I am born in South Africa
It was then before the time of freedom
When we used to collaborate as Africans
Fighting for South African freedom
Freely joint as one

South Africa was never a peaceful country
But Africa was a peaceful continent
In listless days
When I was place-less

When there was no place to rest in South Africa
I went to the arm, the leg, even to the head
To find gratitude
Together we were one body
Namely Africa

A black man was beaten to death
Running out of blood
Africa donated blood
Forgetting the consequences
They were conscious of our pain
Helping us to survive

Now that we are alive
Waken by freedom
Forgotten the past
Focusing on the future

Who are you?
Hidden by colossal word ‘freedom’
I’m trying to decode the hidden meaning
Cause the future leaders
Are fooled by the word
I’m trying to extinguish this sensitive nonsense

Maybe its true
We are free but dom
To make freedom

We are extorting each other
Burning our extinguishers

Yet we call that freedom
Free from what?
From the whites
So that we can fight each other
I guess that is really free but dom

My name is Nontle
But there is a person behind that
A person who gave birth
For me to walk on this cruel world
And that person is my mom

We are South Africans
Living in freedom
But there is a person behind that
A person that we’re in
His name is Africa

Allow me to say this
Once and for all
If there are xenophobia
I guess I’m one of them
Together we’re in and out